Video Borescope


This model is specially designed for the PC/laptop connection inspection. Users can manage the instant data directly through the UI on the PC
Intuitive interface
  For your operations/data management
Advanced image processing technology
  Superior image quality
Desktop/Laptop connections via USB
  Plug and play (driver installation is needed)
Mirror function
  Horizontal/vertical mirror for code identification
Snap shot and video recording
  Records VGA resolution (640x480 pixel) video clips and still images
 Features  Description
 System Dimension  159x40x44 mm
 System Weight  150g 
 Interface  USB
 Video / Photo file format  .avi .jpg
 Video / photo resolution  640x480    
 Working temperature  0℃ ~ 60℃
 Storage temperature  0℃ ~ 60℃
 System requirement

 CPU : AMD AthlonII 2.8GHz or above (Quad Core CPU) 

 Independent Graphics Card

 RAM: 4G or above