Probe for X2000

360 Articulations

Tungsten braided
Options  60HD 60HDLF
Probe head diameter 6.0mm 6.0mm
Probe head length 19.3mm 19.3mm
Direction of View Front view Front view
Illumination Front / Side LEDs
Field of View (FOV) 90° 90°
Depth of Field (DOF) 10mm~100mm 25mm ~ ∞
Still image resolution (.jpg) 2560x1440 (S-HD) 2560x1440 (S-HD)
1280x720 (HD) 1280x720 (HD)
Video resolution (.mov) 1920*1080 1920*1080
Probe length 2m / 3m
Net weight 2m : 770g / 3m : 866g (approximately)   
Articulation angle  2m, 3m full ways ≥ 120°
Probe head material Stainless Steel
Probe material Tungsten braid
Joystick console Dimensions  (W x D x H) 139.4x193x84.2mm (w/o SR and insert tubes)
Joystick console buttons Brightness +, Brightness -, snapshot / record
Lock and move Lock / unlock switch on console
Operating temperature In air: -10~100°C ; In water: 10~30°C
Dust and water proof Joystick console: IP 54 ; Insert Tube: under water 1m for 30 minutes
Relative humidity Max 95% non-condensing
Liquid resistance Operable when exposed to machine oil, light oil or 5%
saline solution
Design:Jellyfish Digital | SEOME